“So I just decided to relax into it, bumpy and crazy as it might be, and try for once to just go along for the ride.”




cats are the shit

Awwww the last one though…

are cats even real?

"   I’ve been learning a lot about suffering lately too. I overheard a man talking in a bookstore the other day: a wizened, old sage who had seen much and had a lot of wisdom stored up. I couldn’t help but hear what he was saying and I was amazed at the wealth of insight he was sharing about suffering. “Ask a weightlifter how he got his incredible strength and he will tell you, ‘I suffered.’ Ask my people,” (the man was African-American), “Ask my people where we got our amazing resilience and they will tell you, ‘Through suffering.’ Yes this life is hard for a purpose. Many times people forget that every temptation is an opportunity to fail or succeed, to rise or fall. Suffering is the vehicle for greater purposes.” keep your chin up, my friends; those who suffer for what is true are in good company.   "
Jon Foreman (via thesoundofmma)



I think this is so important.